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    Quality vehicle repairs in Toowoomba

    Why are car maintenance schedules important for my car?

    Regular servicing and maintenance is essential to ensure that your vehicle continues to achieve maximum, efficient performance, stays roadworthy, and remains safe throughout its life. It also helps your car to maintain its value.

    What is a logbook service?

    A logbook service is a comprehensive examination and service of your vehicle carried out to standards set by the manufacturer. Pro Care Mechanical Service is fully qualified and authorised to perform thorough logbook servicing on most makes and models of vehicle. Our expert team completes all servicing work in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that your warranty remains intact.

    After servicing work at Pro Care Mechanical Service, your car will be running better than ever!


    If your car isn't performing as it once was, it may need professional tuning. Our tune-up service includes:

    •  Replacement of spark plugs
    •  Replacement of air filter
    •  Replacement of fuel filter
    •  Compression tests
    •  Throttle body clean

    Brakes and clutches

    Brakes and clutches are some of the most important parts of your car. Brakes need to be checked thoroughly and regularly to make sure they are performing as intended and to ensure your safety on the road. Problems with your car's clutch can lead to far more serious issues if not attended to right away. For expert maintenance and repairs to these crucial parts, call Pro Care Mechanical Service today!

    Steering and suspension

    Suspension problems can be very hard to spot as symptoms can go unnoticed until it's too late. By then, we often find that tyres are dangerously worn, braking can be ineffective, and handling can be poor.

    With such a complex mechanical instrument as a car, it's essential that problems with integral parts and components such as steering systems and suspension are diagnosed and mended early because the problems they can cause could be extensive and serious.

    Even if your vehicle seems to be driving well, there could be issues beneath the hood that will be easier and cheaper to fix now before they escalate.

    Pro Care Mechanical Service has a state-of-the-art workshop, fully equipped with the latest in mechanical technology and diagnosis equipment. This equipment is designed to enable our team to spot problems before they grow into something far more serious.

    We specialise in providing expert work on steering and suspension systems on all makes and models of cars. Our experience and extensive knowledge means that your car is in the very best hands when booked into Pro Care Mechanical Service.

    Exhaust and mufflers

    Damage to exhausts and mufflers can seriously affect your car’s performance, efficiency, and fuel economy. If you've noticed a change in the sound of your exhaust, it's important that you get it checked by professionals as soon as possible.

    Pro Care Mechanical Service can supply and install a comprehensive range of quality exhaust products to suit your car, whatever the make, model or age. Our expert team of mechanics can carry out all types of exhaust repairs, no matter how big or small the problem might be.

    Cooling systems and radiators

    Due to the ever-increasing price of fuel, car manufacturers are required to design smaller engines that still deliver more power and better performance.

    As a result, modern vehicles tend to be equipped with highly complex cooling systems that serve to keep your car in top condition by maintaining the correct operating temperature of your car’s components. They can also reduce the risk of corrosion caused by electrolysis, which can devastate unprotected parts of the vehicle such as the alloy cylinder heads, water pumps, radiators, and water fittings.

    Pro Care Mechanical Service has become the leading expert in the maintenance and repair of these cooling systems and in tackling the unseen danger of electrolysis. We provide thorough servicing of cooling systems, radiators and related components.

    Our cooling system service incorporates:

    •  Inspection of all fans
    •  Pressure test of radiator and cap
    •  Operation of thermostat
    •  Inspection of all hoses and belts
    •  Inspection on operation of all components
    •  Thorough testing of relevant electrical components
    •  Inspection for any external indications of electrolysis and rectification
    •  Complete flush of the cooling system
    •  Coolant replacement

    Safety Certificates

    Pro Care Mechanical Service knows cars inside and out. Over the years, we've had just about every make and model of vehicle come through our workshop. This broad experience has given us expert knowledge of how different cars should look and perform, along with inside knowledge on what problems can affect which cars. This makes us ideally placed to offer authoritative safety certificates on cars, along with stringent pre-purchase inspections. When you're buying a car, make sure it has the Pro Care Mechanical Service seal of approval to ensure it meets our exacting standards of safety, efficiency, reliability and performance!

    To learn more about our professional vehicle repairs and servicing, call Pro Care Mechanical Service today on 07 4638 5658 !

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